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Flag of Greenland

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Greenland Flag

Capital: Nuuk
Population: 56375
Tld(domain): .gl
Currency Code: DKK
Currency Name: Krone
Phone: 299

Article Greenland

Capital country of Greenland is Nuuk,latitude : 64.1833333 and longitude : -51.75.

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Map of Greenland

First-order administrative division of Greenland,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Greenland,

greenland Ilulissat (4,413)
greenland Aasiaat (3,115)
greenland Frederikshab (1,862)
greenland Christianshab (1,341)
greenland Dundas (289)
greenland Ikerasak (286)
greenland Attu (281)
greenland Atammik (250)
greenland Gronnedal (164)
greenland Arsuk (145)
greenland Itilleq (121)
greenland Akunnaaq (107)
greenland Illorsuit (97)
greenland Ikamiut (92)
greenland Claushavn (84)
greenland Igaliku (49)
greenland Ivittuut (11)
greenland Iterlak (2)
greenland Isortoq (1)