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Flag of Jamaica

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Capital: Kingston
Population: 2801000
Tld(domain): .jm
Currency Code: JMD
Currency Name: Dollar
Currency Unit: Cent
Phone: -875

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Capital country of Jamaica is Kingston,latitude : 17.9970194353704 and longitude : -76.7935752868652.

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Map of Jamaica

First-order administrative division of Jamaica,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Jamaica,

jamaica Half Way Tree (18,552)
jamaica Bog Walk (12,873)
jamaica Constant Spring (12,830)
jamaica Ewarton (12,797)
jamaica Hayes (9,701)
jamaica Falmouth (7,779)
jamaica Bull Savanna (6,962)
jamaica Chapelton (4,514)
jamaica Bamboo (4,264)
jamaica Black River (4,229)
jamaica Anchovy (4,161)
jamaica Cambridge (3,930)
jamaica Coleyville (3,860)
jamaica Albert Town (3,449)
jamaica Gayle (3,305)
jamaica Golden Grove (3,058)
jamaica Bethel Town (3,053)
jamaica Dalvey (3,037)
jamaica Islington (2,958)
jamaica Balaclava (2,862)
jamaica Bluefields (2,828)
jamaica Buff Bay (2,757)
jamaica Easington (2,634)
jamaica Discovery Bay (2,535)
jamaica Bath (2,382)
jamaica Alexandria (1,927)
jamaica Duncans (1,876)
jamaica Hope Bay (1,666)
jamaica Darliston (1,583)
jamaica Cascade (1,232)
jamaica Gordon Town (1,088)
jamaica Frome (993)