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Flag of Kuwait

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Capital: Kuwait City
Population: 2596000
Tld(domain): .kw
Currency Code: KWD
Currency Name: Dinar
Currency Unit: Fils
Phone: 965

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Capital country of Kuwait is Kuwait City,latitude : 29.630771 and longitude : 47.867432.

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Map of Kuwait

First-order administrative division of Kuwait,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Kuwait,

kuwait As Salimiyah (147,649)
kuwait Al Farwaniyah (86,525)
kuwait Al Fuhayhil (68,290)
kuwait Ar Riqqah (52,068)
kuwait Al Manqaf (39,025)
kuwait Ar Rabiyah (36,447)
kuwait Bayan (30,635)
kuwait Al Fintas (23,071)
kuwait Al Mahbulah (18,178)
kuwait Ad Dasmah (17,585)
kuwait Ash Shamiyah (13,762)
kuwait Al Wafrah (10,017)
kuwait Az Zawr (5,750)
kuwait Al Funaytis (1,878)