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Flag of Palestinian Territory

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Palestinian Territory Flag

Capital: East Jerusalem
Population: 3800000
Tld(domain): .ps
Currency Code: ILS
Currency Name: Shekel
Currency Unit: Agora
Phone: 970

Article Palestinian Territory

Capital country of Palestinian Territory is East Jerusalem,latitude : 31.989442 and longitude : 35.529785.

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Map of Palestinian Territory

First-order administrative division of Palestinian Territory,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Palestinian Territory,

palestinian-territory Jabaliya (168,568)
palestinian-territory Hebron (160,470)
palestinian-territory Dayr al Balah (59,504)
palestinian-territory Bayt Lahiyah (56,919)
palestinian-territory Al Birah (38,192)
palestinian-territory Al Burayj (34,951)
palestinian-territory Bethlehem (29,019)
palestinian-territory Az Zahiriyah (27,616)
palestinian-territory Ar Ram (24,838)
palestinian-territory Halhul (21,076)
palestinian-territory Dura (20,835)
palestinian-territory Balatah (17,146)
palestinian-territory Bayt Jala (16,183)
palestinian-territory Al Yamun (16,164)
palestinian-territory Bayt Sahur (14,921)
palestinian-territory Baytuniya (12,822)
palestinian-territory Bayt Immar (12,238)
palestinian-territory Abu Dis (11,753)
palestinian-territory Bayt Fajjar (10,579)
palestinian-territory Bayt Furik (10,108)
palestinian-territory Bayt Awla (9,159)
palestinian-territory Al Khidr (9,003)
palestinian-territory Dhannabah (8,193)
palestinian-territory Ash Shuyukh (8,151)
palestinian-territory Biddiya (8,065)
palestinian-territory Bayt Liqya (7,795)
palestinian-territory Dayr Dibwan (6,692)
palestinian-territory Bi'r Zayt (6,398)
palestinian-territory Biddu (6,180)
palestinian-territory Hablah (5,945)
palestinian-territory Hizma (5,916)
palestinian-territory Bayt Lid (5,740)
palestinian-territory Burqin (5,730)
palestinian-territory Bayt Kahil (5,663)
palestinian-territory Huwarah (5,633)
palestinian-territory Husan (5,535)
palestinian-territory Az Zawiyah (4,917)
palestinian-territory Al Jib (4,505)
palestinian-territory Dayr Jarir (4,156)
palestinian-territory Battir (4,092)
palestinian-territory Az Zababidah (3,751)
palestinian-territory Dayr Istiya (3,730)
palestinian-territory Bayt Surik (3,705)
palestinian-territory Dayr Ballut (3,566)
palestinian-territory Artas (3,552)