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Flag of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan Flag

Capital: Kabul
Population: 32738000
Tld(domain): .af
Currency Code: AFN
Currency Name: Afghani
Currency Unit: Pul
Phone: 93

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Capital country of Afghanistan is Kabul,latitude : 34.5166667 and longitude : 69.1833333.

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Map of Afghanistan

First-order administrative division of Afghanistan,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Afghanistan,

afghanistan Herat (272,806)
afghanistan Jalalabad (200,331)
afghanistan Ghazni (141,000)
afghanistan Balkh (114,883)
afghanistan Baghlan (108,449)
afghanistan Gardez (103,601)
afghanistan Cool urhajo (58,525)
afghanistan Charikar (53,676)
afghanistan Gereshk (43,588)
afghanistan Farakh (43,561)
afghanistan Feyzabad (40,276)
afghanistan Andkhvoy (29,208)
afghanistan Baraki Barak (22,305)
afghanistan At Khvajeh (18,623)
afghanistan Eslam Qal`eh (18,086)
afghanistan Asmar (15,708)
afghanistan Achin (15,098)
afghanistan Chiras (12,779)
afghanistan Hokumati Azraw (12,526)
afghanistan Ashkasham (12,120)
afghanistan Char Burj (11,935)
afghanistan Farkhar (10,480)
afghanistan Anar Darreh (10,023)
afghanistan Emam Saheb (9,659)
afghanistan Darzab (9,642)
afghanistan Darvishan (9,012)
afghanistan Dasht-e Archi (8,263)
afghanistan Dorufchah (4,463)
afghanistan Darwazkay (111)