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Flag of Chad

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Capital: N'Djamena
Population: 10111000
Tld(domain): .td
Currency Code: XAF
Currency Name: Franc
Currency Unit: Centime
Phone: 235

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Capital country of Chad is N'Djamena,latitude : 12.11211 and longitude : 15.036013.

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Map of Chad

First-order administrative division of Chad,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Chad,

chad Abeche (74,188)
chad Am Timan (28,885)
chad Bongor (27,770)
chad Doba (24,336)
chad Ati (24,074)
chad Bitkine (18,495)
chad Dourbali (17,682)
chad Benoy (15,717)
chad Bokoro (14,723)
chad Bere (14,666)
chad Bousso (13,555)
chad Faya (13,400)
chad Bebedjia (12,671)
chad Adre (11,928)
chad Guelengdeng (11,379)
chad Biltine (11,000)
chad Goundi (10,052)
chad Gounou-Gaya (9,521)
chad Beinamar (7,445)
chad Beboto (5,432)
chad Aozou (1,880)
chad Goz Beida (1,500)
chad Iriba (1,100)
chad Goz Beida (1,000)