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Capital: Amman
Population: 6198000
Tld(domain): .jo
Currency Code: JOD
Currency Name: Dinar
Currency Unit: Piastre[I]
Phone: 962

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Capital country of Jordan is Amman,latitude : 31.95 and longitude : 35.9333333.

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Map of Jordan

First-order administrative division of Jordan,

Larger cities, towns, localities in Jordan,

jordan Amman (1,275,857)
jordan Irbid (307,480)
jordan Al `Aqabah (89,252)
jordan As Salt (80,189)
jordan Ar Ramtha (74,901)
jordan Al Mafraq (57,118)
jordan Al Jubayhah (46,834)
jordan Al Quwaysimah (32,396)
jordan At Tafilah (25,429)
jordan Aydun (18,376)
jordan At Turrah (14,619)
jordan At Tayyibah (12,615)
jordan Ash Shajarah (11,243)
jordan Al Karamah (9,384)
jordan Al Mazar (9,383)
jordan Bayt Yafa (7,788)
jordan Al Quwayrah (7,372)
jordan Busayra (7,154)
jordan Hakama (7,075)
jordan Dayr Yusuf (6,223)
jordan Al Hamra' (6,211)
jordan Al Kittah (5,626)
jordan Hatim (5,542)
jordan Halawah (5,376)
jordan At Tayyibah (5,231)
jordan Balila (5,206)
jordan Burma (4,735)
jordan Bayt Idis (4,723)
jordan Adir (4,441)
jordan Al Jizah (4,397)
jordan At Tayyibah (4,265)
jordan Ar Rabbah (4,229)
jordan Al Qasr (3,840)
jordan Al Jafr (3,557)