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Flag of North Korea

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North Korea Flag

Capital: Pyongyang
Population: 22912177
Tld(domain): .kp
Currency Code: KPW
Currency Name: Won
Currency Unit: Ch?n
Phone: 850

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Capital country of North Korea is Pyongyang,latitude : 39.0194444 and longitude : 125.7547222.

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Map of North Korea

First-order administrative division of North Korea,

Larger cities, towns, localities in North Korea,

north-korea Hamhung (559,056)
north-korea Hungnam (346,082)
north-korea Chongjin (327,000)
north-korea Haeju (222,396)
north-korea Hyesan-dong (97,794)
north-korea Hongwon (70,923)
north-korea Chaeryong-up (53,330)
north-korea Anju (50,196)
north-korea Hoeryong (43,831)
north-korea Changyon (39,368)
north-korea Hwangju-up (35,641)
north-korea Aoji-ri (34,248)
north-korea Anbyon-up (31,845)
north-korea Chongju-up (29,065)
north-korea Iwon-up (26,364)
north-korea Hukkyo-ri (25,437)
north-korea Hoeyang (21,111)
north-korea Anak (19,995)
north-korea Chunghwa-up (19,346)
north-korea Ayang-ni (16,104)
north-korea Hau-ri (13,581)
north-korea Chasong (12,736)
north-korea Hoemul-li (11,681)