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Flag of South Korea

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South Korea Flag

Capital: Seoul
Population: 48422644
Tld(domain): .kr
Currency Code: KRW
Currency Name: Won
Currency Unit: Jeon
Phone: 82

Article South Korea

Capital country of South Korea is Seoul,latitude : 37.5663889 and longitude : 126.9997222.

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Map of South Korea

First-order administrative division of South Korea,

Larger cities, towns, localities in South Korea,

south-korea Chonju (711,424)
south-korea Ansan (650,728)
south-korea Ch'ongju (634,596)
south-korea Ch'angwon (550,000)
south-korea Ch'onan (365,114)
south-korea Cheju (329,068)
south-korea Chinju (307,242)
south-korea Iksan (283,501)
south-korea Ch'unch'on (209,746)
south-korea Hanam (134,902)
south-korea Chinhae (134,889)
south-korea Andong (129,319)
south-korea Hwado (106,358)
south-korea Asan (97,749)
south-korea Ansong (69,255)
south-korea Hwawon (64,718)
south-korea Hwasun (59,914)
south-korea Hayang (40,423)
south-korea Hongsong (37,985)
south-korea Hunghae (36,080)
south-korea Chinyong (28,565)
south-korea Haenam (23,928)
south-korea Aewol-li (23,717)